Project Showcase

Pederson Real Estate Law


My client came to me needing a website for a new real estate law firm she was opening in Greenwich, CT. The client already owns a law firm but was opening a sister firm that would target clients buying and selling homes in a more affluent area of Greenwich.

I worked solo on all marketing deliverables for the new law firm, including brand creation, web design/development, and logo design. I also wrote all the copy for the website and blog and created social media accounts and a monthly newsletter. For this client, I am continuing to write blog posts, manage social media, and write and manage the monthly newsletter.


The challenge

Tapping into a new source of client acquisition

In the world of Connecticut real estate closings, the attorneys receive the vast majority of their clients through referrals by a realtor or mortgage broker who has prior experience with the attorney. 

Because my client was moving into a new geographical area and hadn't yet built relationships with local realtors and brokers, she needed a high-quality website and strong digital marketing to attract clients and make inroads. 

With this in mind, my client wanted a website that would give the new firm legitimacy and be a welcoming, informative first contact point that encouraged prospective clients to reach out for a consultation.

Overall, the client wanted:

  • Creation of a new brand
  • Attractive, user-friendly website with good SEO
  • Blog content for a real estate law blog
  • Monthly email newsletter
  • Active law firm Facebook account

The Solution

Building a new client pipeline through SEO, user-friendly site

In creating the brand, I wanted it to be something that communicated warmth, approachability, and trustworthiness because my client was introducing into a new market of clients and realtors. Because the law firm would be located in a highly-affluent area of southwest Connecticut (dubbed"The Gold Coast"), I also wanted the branding to have a touch of luxury.

The Branding

With the brand colors, I attempted to mesh friendliness and sophistication with a gold, black, and white  color palette. These colors helped us stand out other competitors, most of whom had blue as primary or green (green for Greenwich and also money). Our particular gold, #DEC16B, struck a good balance of having enough warmth and

I chose Lora as our primary header font because it communicated a brand that was trustworthy and established, but not pretentious. I steered away from fancier serif fonts because I wanted to communicated my client's approachability.

I selected nunito sans as my main body font and styled it at a thin weight to give a more delicate, high-end feel. Nunito sans looks elegant yet approachable as a body text and gave the site a modern, fresh feel.

The Content

Something I commonly noticed on competing law firms' sites was that the copy and blog content was written in a stuffy, academic, and robotic voice. I wanted our copy to read more like a friend was describing our business and services.

Another way I wanted to stand out was by having a comprehensive description all of our services, along with helpful links and blog posts

Building a new client pipeline through SEO, user-friendly site

We launched Pederson Real Estate Law with a goal of having a full workload of clients within 5 years. There are roughly 50 real estate transactions per month in the town where our firm in based, and we hoped to slowly acquire a larger slice of that pie over a few years — both through digital marketing and in-person networking.

Nine months since launching, PREL's website and digital marketing efforts have created a steady stream of client leads, as more than 20 users have reached out through our website to inquire about our services. Within a month after launching, PREL's website ranked among the top 3 of our competitors on Google. The law firm's monthly newsletter subscription list has grown to over 400.

Overall, my client was very pleased with how the website turned out and with our continued digital marketing efforts.

Hear from the client:

"Matt was key in promoting my new law practice by developing a professional website and creating marketing materials to targeted audiences.  He is technically skilled, easy to work with, timely in his work, and artistic in what he creates.  I am continuously receiving compliments on my website – the design and layout were completely Matt’s ideas.  Without hesitation, I recommend Matt for all of your web design or marketing needs."