Project Showcase

Creators Internet


Creators Internet is a membership-based blog for social media content creators. The blog publishes articles aimed at helping creators in their journey to monetizing content, including tips on optimizing platforms to protecting your mental health as a creator.

For this project, I worked as the lone designer and developer and also played a role in the site's brand creation. My client, Ashleigh Warren, is a social media marketing strategist

The challenge

Tapping into a new source of client acquisition

As a free membership-based blog, the main goal of Creators Internet was to collect user emails by encouraging them users to create an account to read blogs. Once users visited an article, they would be shown a short preview before being prompted to sign up for a free account to continue reading.

We planned to develop and publish this blog in Webflow, which at the time of this project had no native capability to allow membership sites. With this in mind, I needed to use and integrate a third-party service to allow membership sign up and manage use rdata.

As far as branding for the blog, my client wanted a cool, clean, cool, modern look that specifically appealed to a Millennial and Gen Z audience. She felt the look of some of the existing competitors was too feminine, and we wanted to steer toward gender neutrality.

Overall, the client wanted:

  • Font and colors chosen for her brand
  • A membership blog built on Webfow with social login capability
  • An integratable member data storage system

The Solution

Streching the Power of Webflow with Third Party Services

Allowing membership capability

At the time of this project, Webflow had  no native membership site capabilities. I worked around this by integrating a third-party software, Memberstack, to allow the creation and management user accounts. My client very much wanted users to have the ability to create accounts and log in through their Google and Facebook accounts, and luckily, Memberstack had just added social log in capability at the time of this project.


Given that the main goal of the website was to encourage users to click a blog and sign up to read, I wanted the home page of the site to be very user-friendly, uncluttered, and draw attention to the blogs.

I worked alongside a team of graphic designers who created the eye-popping graphic tiles and banners for each blog. I wanted those graphics to be the center of attention (much like YouTube's homepage includes minimal other color or designs other than the video tiles.


I was tasked with choosing the header and body fonts for the website. I chose Inter as the main body because it was an especially clean, neutral, and highly legible sans serif with generous spacing. I took an opportunity to show of of our hipster and quirky branding with the header font by choosing Founders Grostek. This font added just the right amount of 10-20% "hipster" factor to our otherwise neutral design.

Streching the Power of Webflow with Third Party Services

As of one month post launch, Creators Internet has received 1,364 members and counting. User data is being stored and managed using Memberstack's backend dashboard. I am continuing to manage this website, and post abut five new blogs each week, in addition to other regular maintenance work.